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"Due Season" - Brand New from Inspired Jazz

Due Season_Cover

Dear Listener:

The seasons in our lives can sometimes present challenging circumstances. The good news is that seasons do change! Keep a confident outlook. Don’t give up! Know that if you don’t grow weary in doing well, in “due season” you shall reap a harvest!

Believe that you receive your harvest today! You have the victory! Declare that Now is “Due Season”!

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CD: Selah...Think About

Selah_CD Cover

"Selah...Think About It", the debut CD by Derek and Sharon Hudson is the recipe for at work listening, the smooth ride home, and after work relaxation. Each song has its own flavor, texture, groove, and sound. Yet, together, they seamlessly create a jazzy background for peaceful reflection and represent the strong spiritual union that the couple shares with each other and with their Creator. LISTENER QUOTE: "The anointing on Derek and Sharon Hudson is that of a prophetic minstrel. Over the years my heart and life have been deeply touched by their ministry. 'Selah' expresses the heart of God concerning you. The ministry of the music offered to God will bring spirtitual release in your life, allowing the incense of worship to arise. The ministry of these songs will lift you up an bring you into an atmosphere of God's presence." --Pastor Sam Hinn

Inspired Jazz: "Selah...Think About It"
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CD: "Inspired Jazz, A Christmas Celebration"

A Christmas Celebration

This signature contemporary and inspirational jazz recording captures the true spirit of Christmas with a flavorful recipe that includes ingredients of entirely new, unique, and fresh arrangements of Christmas holiday classics. Featured is the husband and wife duo of saxophonist/vocalist Derek Hudson and vocalist, Sharon Hudson From an upbeat, funky and jubilant rendition of "Angels We Have Heard on High" to the warm, peaceful saxophone/piano duet "What Child is This?" and the worshipful yet jazzy free-style vamps of "We Three Kings", the songs connect to form a seamless musical journey that will sooth the soul, calm the spirit, and cause the heart to rejoice. Said one listener who previewed the release: "This music is timeless. It crosses generations, and cultures while capturing the true spirit of Christmas. It brings not only a spirit of joy, bit it creates an atmosphere of worship as well".

Inspired Jazz: "A Christmas Celebration"
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